Özgür Çokçeken

Hey👋 I'm a frontend developer based in Turkey, Istanbul.

I develop things as a Specialist Frontend Developer at Octet Türkiye. Previously, I worked as a Junior Frontend Developer at ParamTech.

I enjoy working with React.js & Next.js and crafting beatiful frontend experiences.


  1. Octet Turkey - Specialist Frontend Developer

    I joined Octet Turkey as a Specialist Frontend Developer. Here, I focused on developing user-friendly and interactive interfaces using modern web technologies in the financial technology field.

  2. ParamTech - Junior Frontend Developer

    My first step into Frontend Developer carrer. I worked on developing project called 'BackOffice'. Project mainly focuses internal staff needs. I learned a lot about React.js and Next.js during this time. I also had the opportunity to work with a great team.

  3. Istinye University - Web Developer

    Shortly before graduation, I started working as a Web Developer at my university. During this time, while maintaining the universit's needs, I also began learning React and successfully completed courses provided by Meta, earning certificates.

  4. Finartz - Intern

    I joined Finartz for my university internship program.